There and Back hits ratings high, is the third-highest rated 18-34 show on cable

Ashley Parker Angel’s weekly humiliation, also known as There and Back, is doing quite well. Last week’s episode was the series’ highest-rated yet, and was watched by “1.5 million viewers 18-34, up 48 percent from its debut,” according to Media Life.

That makes it the third most-popular show on cable among viewers 18 to 34, behind only The Gauntlet 2 and Flavor of Love. The show is also growing its teenage audience. Since the first episode, that audience has grown by 47 percent, to 610,000 viewers ages 12 to 17.

That success might make a second season difficult; while I’d guess that MTV will order one, if Ashley’s album hits and does well after all this publicity, the second season will lack the things that made this season so great (desperateness, pregnancy, pennilessness). Still, right about now, you can just hear the other four O-Town members making plans to go broke, get someone pregnant, and move in with that woman’s mother.