Paris and Nicole may be forced to interact for The Simple Life 5

Now that E! has renewed The Simple Life for a fifth season, the network’s president is suggesting that the next season’s format may force Paris and Nicole to interact, even if they still hate each other.

Ted Harbert told People magazine, “I don’t have any control over whether they’ll be friends by next season. We need to talk about the best thing to do for the show, and I’m not sure shooting them separately again is the best thing for the show.”

He also admits that sustaining the show with the two apart wasn’t a sure-thing, and that it may not work twice. “We pulled off a difficult thing this year, but frankly we got away with it. We can’t do that again,” he said.

An anonymous insider suggests that E! really just wants to use what it has: two celebrities who hate each other but are contractually obligated to appear on camera together. The source told People, “They want to give the viewers what they want, and what the viewers want is to see Paris and Nicole together, fighting.”