Real World’s Dunbar, VH1’s Pumkin also on Playboy’s sex series Foursome

The Real World Sydney cast member Dunbar and Flavor of Love’s Pumkin are two of the reality stars featured on the new season of Playboy’s sex reality series Foursome, along with Big Brother’s Michele Noonan and I Love New York’s Heat, although they appear on different episodes.

Pumpkin (who’s best known for spitting in New York’s face) and Dunbar’s casting was reported by TMZ last week, though the site called their story an “exclusive” even though news of Michele and Heat’s casting came out last month.

Michele’s episode apparently debuted this past weekend, and Playboy’s site only shows four more non-reality cast members, who are presumably on next weekend’s episode, so Pumkin’s pumpkin and Dunbar’s bar won’t be revealed for at least a couple weeks.


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