Real Gilligan’s Island’s Mandy pregnant by Real World’s MJ’s seed

Yet another reality show couple is reproducing. The Real World Philadelphia’s MJ and The Real Gilligan Island 2’s Mandy Weaver are having a baby, according to The Real World/Road Rules Blog.

After covering these cast members’ post-show lives for years, The RW/RR Blog has developed an annoying reflex where they always use sentences ending with exclamation points to congratulate the reality star on whatever it is they’ve done, from appearing on yet another show to pooping successfully.

Here, they say, “Congrulations to the new parents!” But there’s no congratulations coming from me, not that the couple cares. First, does their completion of this task deserve praise? (Congratulations on the successful merger of your genitalia!) Second, and more importantly, I’m concerned for our future as a species if all of the little ones running around are the products of reality TV shows.

First Sean and Rachel, who have three kids, and now MJ and Mandy. That’s way too much genetic material from The Real World line. At the very least, straight reality show cast members need to follow the Lyric Angel model and mate with those outside the genre.