Svetlana is one of the Trojan 100, prefers Extra Thin Trojan condoms

The Real World Key West’s Svetlana appears in this month’s Maxim, but not in an editorial spread nor a story. Instead, she’s part of a “special advertising section” that reveals the results of the Trojan 100 contest.

Trojan “scour[ed] the beaches of Mexico to discover 100 of the hottest single women,” and had them all cite their condom preferences. They also selected a top five from that group, and while Svetlana was one of those, she came in third place.

Thus, inside Trojan’s Maxim advertorial spread, Svetlana appears, telling the world that her favorite condom is “extra thin.” I’d make some kind of joke here, but that’d require me to have actually watched an episode of The Real World Key West.