Real World DC trailer replaces conflict with sedate drama and emphasizes “change”

The decade will end on MTV with the debut of The Real World DC Dec. 30, and based on the trailer that debuted last night, the network is positioning the season as a lot more calm and introspective than the insanity of The Real World Cancun.

While there’s some drama hinted at, it’s all very sedate, and has a theme of “change” (where did they get that from?). There’s a moment when the trailer clearly makes fun of Andrew for being the tool he is, and many of them are annoying. But other than the moment with Andrew in the White House briefing room, that’s not evident in this preview.

For the most part, it’s arguing that the cast is in Washington to make changes in their lives, apparently ones that don’t involve getting bailed out of jail, injected with penicillin, or having their stomachs pumped. Amazing.


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