Only 4.73 million watched The Mole’s return

Though there may have been excitment among some fans for the return of The Mole, the show did not. Monday’s debut episode averaged just 4.73 million viewers, according to Nielsen ratings data compiled by TV By the Numbers.

For comparison, six years ago this July, when the second season was brought back and aired opposite American Idol, the show had about eight million viewers. In other words, more than three million Mole 2 fans didn’t return.

Overall, The Mole 3 was the least-watched show on network TV except The CW’s two repeats. The ABC reality series placed third in its timeslot and lost a bunch of The Bachelorette 4’s 6.45 million viewers.

Media Life calls this “an inauspicious return” and notes that this “was ABC’s second attempt at reviving a long-dormant reality series this summer. ‘Bachelorette’ has also put up middling numbers in its return.”