The Hills almost had a different ending

A report says that The Hills’ final scene, which acknowledged the show’s scripted nature, was one of two options, and each of the show’s two executive producers wanted to end the show on an entirely different note. The other ending would have had Brody Jenner and Lauren Conrad in a relationship.

The New York Post’s Page Six reports that “creator Liz Gateley pushing for a ‘realistic’ scene with Brody Jenner on a movie set. But co-creator Adam DiVello wanted the July 13 finale to climax with a ‘fake’ ending that Lauren Conrad was Jenner’s girlfriend. Gateley’s ending aired.”

The paper quotes an anonymous person who said, “Liz didn’t like Adam’s idea because everyone knows Brody is with Avril Lavigne. It wasn’t real. The morning of the finale, Adam was still pushing for his ending. Even at the wrap party, he was still complaining to the cast.”


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