Contender is “nothing but fake,” Ahmed says; he wants to “rip [Ishe Smith’s] lungs out”

One of the fighters from The Contender is bitter about the experience, and has issued a press release to let us know that “the show was edited poorly and didn’t portray the fights accurately.” Ahmed Kaddour says the NBC series

“made me wake up to the light and see what Hollywood is all about. It’s all bull. It’s nothing but fake. So many different people took advantage of me, or they tried to. They promised me this and promised me that, but it was all bull. I got to know Sly (Stallone) and Sugar Ray Leonard, but so what? They’re not paying my bills.”

He doesn’t elaborate about what was “fake.” But one thing that wasn’t fake was his hatred for Ishe Smith. Later in the release, Ahmed basically threatens Ishe’s life:

“If I saw him on the street today, I’d kill him. Well, I wouldn’t kill him, because I wouldn’t want to waste my time. But I’d rip his lungs out. I hate the guy. He knows what I’d do to him. That’s why he won’t come near me.”