Apprentice cast for extras to get $50, watch teams’ presentations

The Celebrity Apprentice is now filming in New York City, and appears to be casting for extras who will watch the teams present and then vote on which team did the better job.

An ad on OnSet Productions web site offered “$40-$50” cash for three and a half hours work today. Here’s how it described the production:

“If selected, you would be attending a product launch for an affordable luxury vehicle. You would need to dress Business casual, cool and trendy. You will watch 2 presentations from the contestants and be willing to participate and ask relevant questions to each presentation based on what is presented to you. You will know the show once we say the name to you. Famous show with famous celebrities on it.”

Assuming this is the NBC show—what other celebrity show that involves product placement presentations is filming in New York right now?—it’ll be interesting to see how the show identifies the audience. A focus group? Or something more that basically lies about who they are? It’s fascinating that the teams’ fates could be left up to extras wearing business casual clothing.


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