Donald Trump won’t wreck Celebrity Apprentice finale with campaign-related nonsense

The May 22 finale of The Celebrity Apprentice 4 won’t be wrecked by Donald Trump making any kind of announcement about his potentially series-ending run for the presidency/attention-getting campaign.

Trump previously told the New York Times that he’d use the finale to say when he’d “be making an announcement about my decision.” But The Wrap reports that “Trump Organization executive Michael Cohen, tells TheWrap that the Donald won’t be making any revelations about his decision to run for president on the show’s season conclusion.”

Cohen said, “He doesn’t need ‘The Apprentice’ as a forum for doing it. He could stand on a street corner and do it and instantly attract the attention of thousands of people.”

Yes, but without The Apprentice, if he was just standing on a street corner ranting, people would be watching only because he’d appear to be a crazy person with wild hair.


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