Celebrity Apprentice debut delayed by a week

The debut of The Apprentice 7, the celebrity edition, has been pushed back a week. In a press release, NBC said only that the show “will now debut one week later on Thursday, January 10 (9-10 p.m. ET).”

While such a scheduling change isn’t necessarily newsworthy, The Hollywood Reporter says the move is likely a response to “ABC’s midseason schedule announcement Friday that included the last original episode of “Grey’s [Anatomy]” airing Jan. 3.” But now, “there is speculation that ABC is also mulling moving the original ‘Grey’s’ from Jan. 3, the night of the Iowa caucus, possibly to Jan. 10 where it may again go against the premiere of ‘Apprentice.’”

NBC could always move it back, but while the network hasn’t been shy about moving the show around its schedule in the past, there are only so many times it can change its debut date. And as the paper reports, the series is already “facing an uphill battle in the Thursday 9 p.m. slot where ABC is launching the abbreviated new season of ‘Lost’ Jan. 31.” In other words, it looks like ABC is doing its best to trample all over Donald Trump.