Biggest Loser 9 sticks with family pairs

The Biggest Loser 9 will start casting later this month, well before the eighth season debuts this fall, and the show will once again seek pairs of related people as its contestants.

The show has featured pairs of people who know each other, like The Amazing Race, since its fifth season, with families featured in season six. Season eight, however, cast for both couples and singles, so we may get a reprieve from that format, which offers a lot of built-in reasons for the cast members to cry when their partner goes home.

The casting notice press release says “Family teams of two — including parent/child, siblings, husbands-and-wives, couples, cousins and in-laws — are encouraged to apply for the new season.” But that’s not enough, as they want “outgoing and charismatic family teams of two, especially those who have the personality, desire and competitive edge to vie for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to lose weight, change their lives forever and compete for a grand prize of $250,000.”

Open calls start June 27 in Chicago and will be held in a total of 15 cities through August. You have to be 18 and, well, big.


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