Biggest Loser’s biggest loser goes home

The Biggest Loser 2 lost its biggest loser last night, as the men’s team voted for Nick to leave the game. Thus, the title is revealed as a fraud, since ultimately the game element makes the show about more than losing weight. Not that we didn’t already know that.

Nick lost 41 pounds during the few weeks he was at the ranch, which was more than anyone else, but his refusal to work out vigorously and eat sensibly pushed his team to eliminate him. His self-centered attitude also didn’t help; last week, he even made Jillian lose it.

So how is Nick doing now? We don’t know—and neither does he. “I don’t know what I weight now. I don’t weigh myself,” he said. Despite his weight loss during his time on the show, he said that The “Biggest Loser was the worst experience ever. I was called a baby by the trainer.”

Now, he said, “I eat healthy and I walk. And that is the correct way to lose weight.” Then he contradicted himself and sounded even more like a baby sucking on sour grapes than before: “While I’m walking I think about how much more weight I could have lost on the show.”