Bachelorette ending spoiled; Ali says it “wouldn’t be fair” for Jake to return

The Bachelorette 6 won’t included a surprise appearance by newly single Jake Pavelka to try to win back Ali Fedotowsky, because she says she wants to be “fair” to the gaggle of men she’s currently dating. “I’ve made a decision to move forward in my life. That just wouldn’t be fair to the guys here, and it took some time, but I’m healed and moved on from Jake,” she told E! Online.

Meanwhile, she still has more than a month to go to narrow down her group of suitors, but Reality Steve has revealed the likely ending in a 1,300+ word blog post. He reveals Ali’s final two, and what happens during the finale. If he’s right, and he usually is, it’s a finale we’ve seen before.

Also, Crushable has details about Frank Neuschaefer’s relationship status, which addresses rumors about a relationship he has with someone other than Ali. Crushable’s source reveals that she has “never seen him in glasses before,” which either means they’re part of the producers’ costume for him, or she’s not that close to Frank and we shouldn’t believe what she has to say about his current relationship status.


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