Wes encounters angry fans, cancelled shows

Bachelorette 5 star Wes’ actual evilness or fictional villainy has had consequences in his life: venues are cancelling his gigs, convinced no one will show, and one woman told him—get all children far away from you computer—“an ass.”

When Wes was in San Antonio this past weekend, he told People, “a girl walked up and said, ‘You’re such an ass.’ Look, it’s a TV show. That’s it. I don’t know what else to tell you.”
He also said his alleged former girlfriend Laurel is “going through hell right now. People are calling her a bitch and a whore and are telling people to boycott her business, which she’s worked hard to do for years and years.” That is unfair, because people shouldn’t punish her for his behavior.

Wes said bookers at venues told him, “Basically, nobody’s going to show up. Nobody wants to see this guy that everybody thinks is a bad guy,” but he has been able to win hearts. At a Friday performance, he said, “Before I went on stage, the deejay said, ‘Look, I’m bringing Wes onstage, and I don’t want anybody throwing beer bottles or cussing him out. This is Wes Hayden the artist, not Wes the TV guy.’ People said, ‘I came a hater and left a fan.’”


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