A loft, a conference room, and a cigar: it’s Martha’s Apprentice

And there it all was: The same dramatic music as the non-fired cast members walked back to the loft; the almost-traditional, expected dismissal of the first losing project manager; even the voice-overs in the boardroom conference room when Martha needed to say something brilliant that she forgot to actually say during production.

There was also a cast that was ready to chew each other apart immediately, like the homophobic control freak with an anger problem (Jim), a woman who was incapable of working when there was noise (Dawn), and a project manager who made arbitrary, inexplicably stupid decisions (Jeff).

But The Apprentice: Martha Stewart was also decidedly Martha’s. She wrote a kind letter—in longhand! on stationary!—to the person who was fired was told that he did not fit in with her organization. And everything was big and bright and attractive. And Martha’s left-hand man couldn’t stop creepily fondling a huge cigar the whole evening.

Still, it was still The Apprentice, and although Martha has yet to reveal much to us, or verbally destroy one of the candidates, it was just as fun as Trump’s.