Martha’s catchphrase revealed; Appentice Kelly recommended former colleague

Page Six reports today that it has learned Martha Stewart’s Apprentice catchphrase, which was being kept secret. Martha will reportedly fire people by saying (highlight to read),

You just don’t fit in.”

Meanwhile, the New York Post says another contestant has a connection to someone associated with the show. The Apprentice 2 winner Kelly Perdew worked with contestant Dawna Stone “at Deloitte Consulting and [they were also] classmates at the Anderson School at UCLA.”

The paper reports that “Mark Burnett conceded yesterday in an interview with The Post that Perdew recommended Stone— but that he had pushed her for the Trump edition of the show. Burnett said he was unaware of the connection between Perdew and Stone—who is now a magazine publisher—until after he and Stewart picked her for the Martha edition.”

Burnett said, “I certainly had no idea. I wouldn’t know who recommended anybody.”