Burnett, agency settle suit over product placement sponsor acquisition fees.

Mark Burnett’s lawsuit against the company that helped find Apprentice sponsors is over. Burnett sued Madison Road in March claiming it “demanded exorbitant fees and pocketed some of the money that belonged to him,” according to the LA Times. The company is responsible for landing task sponsors Procter & Gamble (Crest), Levi Strauss (Levis), Mars (M-Azing candy bar) and Sara Lee (Hanes t-shirts). After the suit was filed, “Madison Road countersued, accusing Burnett of defamation, libel and ‘sheer greed and arrogance.’ Madison Road demanded at least $40 million in damages.” After sniping at each other in legal documents, the two sides decided to make nice and crawl back in bed together. Burnett’s business partner Conrad Riggs said, “We thought that it would be better to find opportunities to work together rather than continue to work against each other.”