Apprentice 2 debut was the lowest-rated episode in Apprentice history.

Apprentice 2 debut was the lowest-rated Thursday episode in Apprentice history.
Although Donald Trump will surely find a way to speak of The Apprentice 2’s debut in superlative terms, it’s going to be difficult, as the series debuted with its lowest ratings ever. The 14.05 million people who watched were fewer than the 18.5 million that tuned in for the debut episode last season, which The New York Times reports “is the lowest-rated Thursday night broadcast” in its history. NBC President Jeff Zucker said, “It’s still early. If we look back in three weeks, and these are still the numbers, then I think everybody is going to be concerned.” Among those who could be concerned are the companies who spent good money to whore their products on the show. In completely unrelated news, Mattel issued a press release Friday announcing that you can now pre-order a “Morph Machines(TM)” toy from, the very toy created by the winning team on the show.
+ also: “Trump has become the emblematic New Yorker.”