Ice-T on Omarosa: “what the f- has that ho done?”

Janice Dickinson may have an unlikely ally in her war against Omarosa. “Cop Killer” rapper and Law & Order: SVU actor Ice-T told Lloyd Grove,

“I’ll tell you who I don’t like: Omarosa. That b- is not supposed to be famous. Being somebody in the business, you have a lot of admiration for people because you know how hard they work. But certain people, you’re just like, what the f- has that ho done?”

When Grove suggested that others hate Omarosa, too, Ice-T all but threatened Omarosa’s life: “Yeah, well, I’m at the top of the list. Give me the gun.”

When told about his comments, Omarosa referred to Ice-T by his real name, dissed his recent album, and then chalked the whole thing up to “playa hating”:

“Tracy sold out his rap career to go play a cop on a show because his last album tanked. You’re supposed to be hard-core, rapping about killing and pimpin’ hos, and you go and play a cop? He sold out! Real hip-hop artists — the ones that are true to the art form — do not resort to playa hating.”