Apprentice cast member updates.

Apprentice cast member updates.
Those wacky folks from The Apprentice are stretching their 15 minutes as much as they can, popping up in the news now and again. Here’s a rundown of the latest. And by way of warning, this is all very sad:

  • Nick Warnock is not working for the Raiders. Although the Raiders announced that Nick was going to sell suites at the Oakland Coliseum, he tells FOX’s 411 that isn’t true. Instead, he says he’s considering working for Jason Binn’s media quasi-empire.

  • Bill teamed up with Mike Ditka to work for Misericordia Candy Days. He also dined at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, will attend the White Sox opening game tonight where he’ll throw out the first pitch, and begins training with Trump’s organization May 16, the Sun-Times reports.

  • Kwame Jackson is one of People’s 50 most beautiful people and is shopping a book.

  • Amy Henry is, too. Shopping a book, that is. And Bill, too.

  • Heidi Bressler is appearing in Steppin’ Out magazine (second item).

  • Omarosa walked off the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live, maybe after realizing no one cares about her anymore.

  • Donald Trump got engaged to Melania Knauss, and also signed with Clear Channel to record one-minute syndicated segments. They’ll debut June 15, and, this fall, will include commentary on Apprentice episodes.