Tyler’s Japan-walking movie is online; Ray and Yolanda get engaged

Fans of Amazing Race 9 winner who don’t want to stop seeing him traverse distant lands can relax. There’s at least 67 more minutes of wacky Tyler MacNiven fun with Kintaro Walks Japan, his film that follows him as he walks through Japan. The entire film is online at Google Video. The Google Video description explains why Tyler made the journey:

“His five-month odyssey was meant to impress a girl and to find his American father’s Japanese birthplace. Tyler arm wrestled 100-year old ladies, dodged trains in tunnels and walked into the hearts of the Japanese people, quickly becoming a celebrity.”

Meanwhile, third-place team Ray and Yolanda are now engaged. On The Early Show yesterday, Ray proposed to Yolanda, saying, “I would have not been here if it wasn’t for you and you’re like everything I’ve dreamed of my whole life. Will you marry me?” She said yes, and Jeremy shed a tear.