Track The Amazing Race 9 via Google Maps

While tracking last season’s route would have required a sticky note, it seems as though The Amazing Race 9 will again be circumnavigating the globe, and thus technology is useful in following the racer’s path. CBS has a route map on the show’s site, but it’s not exactly interactive.

Enter the web. Two sites offer ways to track the race using Google Maps’ technology, which allows you to zoom in to the street level (depending upon the location). Jaunted and have both created maps that pinpoint all of The Amazing Race 9’s stop so far, complete with screen captures from those stops.

JoeMap’s version is much more detailed for the Brazil stops, showing street-level views, not just rivers and far-away images of greenery. But both maps show show relative distances, and you can see, for example, how far the teams had to drive from the Red Rocks Amphitheatre to the Denver airport.