The most terrifying thing Brendon and Rachel have ever said about reality TV

Big Brother and now Amazing Race alumni Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas talked to Hitfix about their most recent reality TV experience, and are surprisingly and pleasantly positive about the experience. For example, Brendon says, “we realized we made a mistake. It happened. But you know what? We saw some damn cool places, got [to] experience things that people don’t ever get to do in their lives and I’m thankful for that. If we ever take for granted the fact that we got to experience this, winning the million dollars or not, I think we’d be done.”

Of course, that is now that it is over and stress isn’t causing them to have a meltdown every four seconds, and their tendency to flip out at each other under stress and freak out over circumstances beyond their control that makes something else Brendon said absolutely terrifying. This (emphasis mine):

“We know that things are gonna come up in our life that are gonna be way more intense and way bigger obstacles than The Amazing Race. Yes, stacking watermelons is hard, but you know what? Raising three children is even harder.”


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