Amazing Race stars will cameo on HBO’s Englightened

Two-time Amazing Race star Mike White was the latest two-time cast member from the CBS series to appear in front of TV critics and pitch their project (Rob Mariano showed up to talk about his new show, and Jaime Edmondson was at the Playboy Mansion party because, well, I don’t know).

Mike created and co-stars in Enlightened, a half-hour series for HBO that also stars Laura Dern and Luke Wilson and debuts Oct. 10. In the trailer shown to critics, Victor from The Amazing Race was visible in the background, and Mike was asked about that. “There’s a couple Amazing Race cameos in there,” he said. “That’s just because I run out of ideas.”

Mike also talked about his last time on the race, when he and his dad were medically removed. He called the race “an amazing experience. It was why I wanted to go back and do it again, because there were so many highs. The last one was not as fun because it was just my dad crying in pain for five days and me going, ‘What have I done?’”

Here’s a preview of the show, though not the one we saw yesterday:


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