Colorful dye during Holi in India covers teams, gives The Amazing Race its best challenge ever

In 13 seasons of The Amazing Race, I cannot remember a challenge that was more entertaining, more visually interesting, and more culturally rich than last night’s Roadblock that took place in India.

For the challenge, one person from each team had to search for a clue among hundreds of dummy clues in the middle of a Holi celebration. It’s also known as the Festival of Colours because revelers throw fistfuls of powdered dye onto each other—and onto the hapless Americans who found themselves in the middle of it, including the team members who thought they didn’t have to participate in the Roadblock.

It was a technicolor orgy, the perfect combination of everything that makes the show so great—and even better, it left the racers brightly colored, looking like they’d run through a field of exploding Care Bears for the rest of the episode.

I’ll have two episodes worth of thoughts later today, but for now, watch a few minutes of The Amazing Race’s best challenge ever: