Survivor Gabon confirmed as the 17th season

Survivor will return to Africa for its 17th season, confirming online reports that correctly identified Gabon (ga-BONE) as the show’s next location.

Titled Survivor Gabon, the season will have a tagline of “Earth’s Last Eden,” because Jeff Probst called it one of the “world’s last remaining sanctuaries for pure, untouched wilderness.” The preview showed lots of footage of wild animals like hippos and cheetahs, which may be free to devour the contestants.

During the preview, Probst revealed nothing about the season’s twists or format, only saing that 18 people would participate, and that it would be shot in high definition.

Survivor Maps has a map of the country, and while it identifies no specific locations yet, the site says “[t]he rumor is they’ll be filming in a rainforest.” Earlier, Jeff said the show would film “on the equator,” although there are waterfront and rainforest locations along the equator.