Survivor China debuts tonight

Survivor kicks off its 15th season, which is set in China, tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

The 16-member cast includes a WWE wrestler, a school lunch lady, and a grave digger, plus men named Chicken and Frosti (who’s 20, younger than the show’s rules allow).

In the last of Jeff Probst’s behind-the-scenes footage he shows us the Tribal Council set, which, for something that’s fake, is built with a level of detail probably not seen outside of Walt Disney World. Production designer Jesse tells us that this temple set is “the biggest” and “the realest-looking,” and took 75 to 80 people seven weeks to construct. Jeff tells us that “everything matters to them,” even though we as viewers “never see all of the little touches.” They used five tons of concrete, 20 tons of steel, and 30 tons of wood. Probst also shows us the control room, the only one the show has, and the new torch-snuffer, which looks like a dragon.