Richard Hatch found guilty of violating probation

The ongoing saga that is original Survivor winner Richard Hatch’s legal drama has a new chapter: He’s been found guilty of violating his probation that he’s been on since being released from prison in the fall of 2009.

The Providence Journal reports that the judge found Richard “guilty of violating the terms of his probation by not filing amended tax returns or making payments to the Internal Revenue Service. But he delayed sentencing the ‘Survivor’ reality TV star from Newport until after lawyers submit their recommendation to him.”

On Facebook, Hatch continued his relentless defense by posting this comment:

“The press has all been negative, but that doesn’t reflect what happened today. One of the problems all along has been understanding the complexity of this case. The judge ruled accurately that I have not amended the tax returns… but I also think he understood it is not possible for me to amend them. He suggested I should have filed a motion requesting that the original judge’s orders be amended… but I didn’t know to do that. I’ve just been doing anything and everything possible (as directed by my professional advisors) to fully cooperate with the IRS while they have spent the past 8 years attempting to assess the tax returns in question. Difficult situation… but I’m hoping this judge sees how much effort I’ve put into efforts to comply.”


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