Lawyer says Hatch caught others cheating, and producers agreed to pay his taxes if he won

Richard Hatch took the stand in his trial today, but what he said there pales in comparison to a defense his lawyer outlined during a break.

His lawyer, Michael Minns, said that Richard “caught his fellow reality-show contestants cheating, and when he told producers about it they struck a deal: They would pay the taxes on the million-dollar prize if Hatch won,” the AP reports. The attorney “did not immediately say whether Hatch could testify to a jury about his allegations,” but said that “Hatch caught some of his fellow contestants trying to have friends sneak food to them on the island.”

How exactly their friends got to Borneo and then made their way to the island where they were stranded to give them food isn’t clear.

On the stand, Richard said that he actually prefers to be called “Rich,” and “looked directly at the jury as he spoke, frequently gestured with his hands, and at times elaborated beyond his lawyer’s questions in his answers,” according to the Providence Journal. “U.S. District Chief Judge Ernest C. Torres tried reining him in.”