Daisy and Heather fight at Rock of Love 2 reunion

This Sunday at 9, VH1 will air a reunion of the Rock of Love 2 women and Bret Michaels. And let’s just say runner-up Daisy and Heather from season one are not exactly friends. Here’s their violent confrontation, which is one of the most physical altercations reality TV has seen in some time:

Meanwhile, Daisy told VH1 that she and Bret “actually didn’t officially have sex until the very last night, and that’s what hurts my feelings. Of course, Heather just wants to make me look bad and make up s*** or whatever the f*** her problem is. But the fact of the matter is that we did not have sex until the end. During the last elimination, he knew that I was very emotionally attached to him because we’d been physical, and I just thought it was really uncool.”

As to her feelings for Bret, Daisy says, “It took me a good two months to recover from everything. Not just Bret, but everything that happened. I kept replaying it in my head, wondering what I did wrong and thinking why. I felt like if he didn’t like me, if he wasn’t making the connection with me, I almost wish he would have eliminated me a long time ago. Am I over him? Yeah. Every time I see him, it brings back those really emotional feelings. But I don’t think that Bret understood that there’s not going to be any type of physical relationship with him unless we’re in a relationship. That’s just how I work.”