More reality stars tell gay teens “it gets better”

Among the hundreds of videos uploaded to YouTube as part of the It Gets Better project are several reality TV stars talking to gay teens about how their lives will improve.

The project was started by columnist Dan Savage in response to the suicides of several gay teens last month, and has grown to include everything from Fort Worth councilman Joel Burns’ emotional public speech to a video featuring gay Google employees, never mind many non-famous people.

Reality TV stars Tim Gunn, Andy Cohen, and Kathy Griffin previously contributed videos, and now more have appeared. Those include American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert, Make Me a Supermodel runner-up Ronnie Kroell and his boyfriend Taylor Proffitt, Project Runway judge Michael Kors, bisexual The Real World DC cast member Mike Manning, and Kim Kardashian and her best gay friend.

Here are three of those (follow the links above for the other two):


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