Queer Eye merch out today.

Queer eye merch out today.
The Fab Five are heading toward overexposure faster than George Hamilton covered in cocoa butter hurtling toward the sun. Today, five new Queer Eye for the Straight Guy items hit stores. Well, “five” is sort of relative, since just two items—the soundtrack and the book—have each spawned multiple versions.

The soundtrack, What’s that Sound, comes in both a limited edition (which includes DVD content) and a non-limited “enhanced” edition (which includes just songs).

There are more choices for the Queer Eye book, with its 16-word subtitle. There’s the version with pages and a cover, but if reading isn’t your style, there’s a convenient cassette audio book version of the book, read by the Fab Five. And for those who have never heard of these “cassette” things, there’s a CD version.