Model didn’t want to wear Ra’mon’s toilet-stained dress

Ra’mon-Lawrence Coleman won the challenge on Thursday’s episode of Project Runway 6 after dyeing his dress at the last minute in the bathroom, and it was still wet when it went down the runway. Here’s what Tim Gunn told People happened behind the scenes:

“What the audience didn’t see is me going into the men’s room, saying to Ra’mon, would you please get that neoprene thing out of the toilet? If you’re going to dye it, dye it in the sink. It’s more hygienic. … I just said, you’ve got to get it out of there. Get it out. Out, out, out. … It was one big hot mess, and his model was refusing to wear it because she knew it had been in the toilet. I had a showdown with her in the sewing room about how you’re a professional, this is what you have to do.”


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