TV One will air Omarosa dating show Omarosa’s Ultimate Merger

Omarosa’s Ultimate Merger, the dating series starring Omarosa that I first reported about a month ago when it was casting and attempting to conceal the fact that Omarosa was its star, will air on TV One.

Donald Trump is producing the eight-episode show, but will only appear on-camera to offer advice to Omarosa as she dates 12 men, according to Variety. Executive producer Robert Horowitz said, “The challenge was coming up with not just your typical dating show. This is the biggest show TV One has done in the relationship space. The challenge was creating a primetime-style relationship series on a cable budget.”

Trump issued more of his typically hyperbolic bullshit, saying, “Omarosa was a great personality on ‘The Apprentice’ that was watched by over 40 million people as it became the No. 1 show on TV. Omarosa is smart, witty and difficult, but all of those qualities will make for some very interesting entertainment,” and said the show will “make a huge impression on the cable landscape with this tremendous new show.”


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