Tiffany Pollard returning to VH1 in New York Goes to Work

Tiffany Pollard’s failed outing as an actress, as chronicled in the disingenuous spin-off New York Goes to Hollywood, has not meant the end of her reality TV career.

Starting May 4, she will star in a new series called New York Goes to Work, which is not, alas, about her new life as a streetwalker—or, you know, her existing life as a VH1/51 Minds Entertainment prostitute. (I admittedly have about as much enthusiasm for yet another spin-off of one of VH1’s now-overdone Flavor Flav/Tiffany Pollard dating shows as I do for someone crapping on my floor.)

Instead, it’s some kind of half-assed Dirty Jobs knock-off, where she will work as “a sewer worker, a mortuary beautician and a fast-food employee, among other gigs,” Variety reports. Her employers will give her $5,000 if she does a good job, or maybe just if she promises to never show up again.