NBC says Sing Off is like Glee and American Idol, but it’s just 2007’s Clash of the Choirs

Two years ago, NBC aired a four-night reality mini-series competition between choirs that were mentored by celebrities including Nick Lachey. Tonight, the network debuts a four-night mini-series competition between a capella singers starring Nick Lachey. Where did they get that idea?

The mini-series wasn’t renewed although it got what would be decent ratings today—about eight million viewers a night—so it’s obvious why NBC is trying again. A two-hour episode airs tonight starting at 8 p.m. ET, followed by ones on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the finale airs next Monday.

NBC has been comparing the show to Glee and American Idol in its promos, and while that is merely their holiday wish rather than a reflection of reality, it does feature people who can sing, which we know because their opening number was “leaked” onto YouTube by someone whose username is iloveacapella1 and who created their account on Friday, and who has no other videos. How mysterious!


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