Man vs. Wild returns tonight with disclaimers, behind-the-scenes footage

The Discovery Channel’s Man vs. Wild returns for a second reason tonight at 8 p.m. ET, and as a result of revelations that the show misrepresented what star Bear Grylls actually did in the wilderness, the new season includes “more behind-the-scenes footage and text explaining off-camera elements,” USA TODAY reports. (The first season’s episodes were re-edited.)

“Looking back, the mistake was not telling viewers more from the outset. The more they see, the more they realize how full-on a lot of the stuff is,” Bear tells the paper. Perhaps to prove that, he says that for this season, “We raised the bar considerably. The aim was to go to more extremes, to more remote places.”

Earlier this week, Bear told the AP that “the new shows will reassure them. Everything is strong and double-checked. Discovery is so cautious of everything. If I so much as break wind on these shows, it’s acknowledged now.”

He says, “I think a lot of the controversy was fueled by people wanting to know more. They wanted to know how we did stuff behind the scenes. … I think the irony is that people are going to enjoy seeing more behind the scenes. It’s going to make the whole program better.”