Aubrey O’Day may get her own spin-off

After being kicked out of Danity Kane, Aubrey O’Day is moving on—perhaps to her own Diddy-produced reality show, and may even show up on Making the Band 4 in some capacity.

Aubrey told Hollyscoop, “You never know maybe ill [sic] be back on it. Maybe I will be on my own show.” She then said she’d “Absolutely” get her own show, but as to whether it’d be on MTV, she said, “Possibly, you never know.”

MTV’s blog links to that report, which gives it validity (since MTV uses its blog to promote its own shows), and says that Aubrey “may have her own (Diddy-produced??) spinoff show in the works.” The blog also asks, “If Aubrey does have her own show, would you guys watch?” Blog comments: the new marketing research.