Third Making the Band 4 season will follow Danity Kane and Day26 touring

The second season of Making the Band 4, which followed season one boy band Day26 and Making the Band 3 group Danity Kane working on their albums, concluded with Diddy announcing that the two groups and solo artist featured this season will tour with him—and that tour will form a new season of the show. (It presumably will be the fourth iteration’s third season, but it could also be the first season of Making the Band 5.)

Day26’s self-titled debut album will be released Tuesday, following the release of Danity Kane’s Welcome To The Dollhouse last Tuesday. Solo artist Donnie Klang’s single “Take You There,” which he performed and which featured P. Diddy, is now available on iTunes.

All three acts will tour together on the “P. Diddy Presents The Making The Band 4 Tour,” according to a press release. It says the tour will “hit the road in May.”