A List: Dallas star Taylor deletes hate crime claim, accused of faking it for publicity

A star of Logo’s new The A-List: Dallas may have faked a hate crime to get publicity for the show and/or himself. Cast member Taylor Garrett tweeted a photo of a broken window and a rock with a note attached that was apparently hurled by a violent liberal gay person upset that Taylor, who’s also gay, would meet with conservative pundit/brilliant publicity hound Ann Coulter as part of the reality series.

Towleroad summarizes the events, which ended with Taylor, who describes himself on Twitter as “Republican. Christian. Honest. Outspoken,” deleting his tweets and the claims along with them. Taylor’s now-deleted tweet included a photo of a rock with a note attached to it that said,

“Who the fuck do you think you are? You are not A-List. More like Z-list. You are nothing but a nelly twink trying to get attention by calling yourself a republican. You are nothing but an embarrassment to the gay community. Watch your fucking back you pathetic mother fucking twink.”

Blogger Joe My God challenged the events, calling it “cockamamie fakery” after calling it a “transparent publicity stunt.” He reported that the show’s executive producer, John Hill, “tweeted congratulations to A-List: Dallas cast member Taylor Garrett for ‘making headlines’ with his gay-on-gay hate crime claim. Embedded in his tweet was the link to my second post on the alleged incident. When I questioned Hill as to whether he’d played a role in the stunt, his tweet to Garrett was instantly deleted.”

Although Taylor deleted his original claims, yesterday he retweeted a fan who expressed sympathy about the vandalism, the report of which led one person to summarize the incident like this: “Liberals get violent against conservative.”


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