Little People, Big World’s Jacob Roloff injured after being “struck several times by a 2,000 pound block of concrete”

One of the cast members of TLC’s Little People, Big World was injured along with a family friend when he was “struck several times by a 2,000 pound block of concrete,” according to TLC.

Jacob Roloff’s father, Matt, released a statement describing what happened to his son and an older family friend:

“While Jacob and Mike were readying to launch a pumpkin, the winch that cocks the trebuchet (a catapult-like device) prematurely triggered. Both Jacob and Mike were then struck several times by a 2,000 pound block of concrete that acts as a counterweight and powers the motion of the trebuchet. … They were both rushed to the hospital’s trauma unit. After arriving at the hospital, it was determined, based on CT scans, that Jacob had a dime size dent in his head and doctors then performed a procedure to relieve swelling and avoid any seizure or infection. Jacob’s surgery went VERY well and he’s expected to make a full recovery.”

According to TLC, “cameras were taping footage for the series at an alternate location when the incident occurred. The incident was not part of production of the series.” Matt’s letter indicates that he was being interviewed in front of the cameras inside the house, away from where this took place.

A TLC spokesperson tells reality blurred that “within hours of his surgery, [Jacob] was up and about” and “is expected to check out of the hospital tonight.”