Last Comic Standing 4 selected 50 finalists, edited out some from audition episode

One of the comics who received a red envelope and a pass to the finals on Last Comic Standing 4 was edited out of the audition episode that aired last week.

Mark Saldana auditioned in Tempe and was “selected by the judges Bob and Ross to move on to the night show,” and then “got picked for the finals,” he writes. But later, he was cut before the final round began. He says that “they selected 50 comics and cut a bunch before the finals.” However, you didn’t see him on the show last week, because, he says, the editors “made me look like I never got picked.” Presumably, the same thing happened to others.

We know Mark’s story is true because he’s auctioning off his red finalist envelope on eBay along with “the cover sheet to the 50 page legal agreement we had to sign,” he writes in the auction listing. The money “is for me because I’m a broke comic who couldn’t hack it on a summertime reality show,” he says. As of right now now, however, he’s not going to get a whole lot richer: As of 6:45 a.m. ET, the high bid was $37.