Season five of My Life on the D-List started production today, will be “celebrity oriented”

After battling with Bravo over money, Kathy Griffin has officially signed up for another season of My Life on the D-List, which started production today and will focus more on Kathy’s contact with celebrities.

“It’s season 5. We start shooting [Wednesday]. Literally, it’s our first day. I know, what am I doing here?” she told Us Weekly Tuesday night at a party.

As to the content, she said “Season 5 is going to be a little bit of a transitional season because it’s going to be more celebrity oriented. [It’s] the way that American Idol sort of started as a singing contest and then every week you expect to see the mentors. I have some really good guest stars coming on the D-List this year,” Kathy said, but wouldn’t name those stars.

While there was an early report about that the show had been renewed, Kathy insisted the show hadn’t been renewed, and was even talking to other networks, although she said she wanted it to stay within the NBC family.