Donny Osmond, Bethenny Frankel, Niecy Nash, and Nancy Grace grill Jon Gosselin

The latest chapter in the Jon and Kate Plus Eight saga has taken a surreal turn, as The Insider subjected Jon Gosselin to a verbal firing squad that consisted of Nancy Grace and a random collection of reality stars: Donny Osmond, Bethenny Frankel, and Niecy Nash. What the hell those three people are doing asking (apparently serious) questions is beyond me, but they were (apparently unintentionally) funny.

Nancy Grace is an idiot, but she’s good at hammering away at someone, and in the first segment below, says, “Why is this always about you?” In the second, she tells Jon, “I have never seen two more self-absorbed people in my life.” And if Nancy Grace tells you you’re self-absorbed, well, that’s a scathing indictment.

In the third segment, Donny Osmond asks Jon, “Why can’t you get along?”, which clearly suggests he’s never watched the show. And when Jon presents evidence that he didn’t drain their bank account, Bethenny Frankel pipes up and says, “Why do you guys go through this in public?” Exhasperated, Jon says, “Because I have to defend myself.” Bethenny demands he defend himself to her by asking, “To who?”

Here are the three clips:


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