Jon and Kate may announce divorce or separation Monday

Perhaps in an attempt to recover from the ratings free-fall, Jon and Kate will make a major announcement on Monday’s one-hour episode, probably that they will divorce or are at least separating. In a brief preview, Kate says “we’ve made some life-changing decisions, decisions that will affect each member of our family.” But that’s pretty much all the preview, which is below, says.

That’s not stopping gossip columnists from reporting on what’s allegedly coming. Radar Online insists that “they are divorcing” and “Kate recently met with a divorce lawyer.” But’s Courtney Hazlett quotes “sources who know the couple” who say, “They’ve met with a lawyer, but divorce is not a definite,” which means, as another source told her, “a separation announcement is definitely a strong possibility.”

Those would be newsworthy but not surprising. The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan gathers Twitter posts that make far more entertaining predictions, such as @Bjwaggoner “Kids emancipating selves.” Now there’s an episode I’d like to see.


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