The Situation places fourth on UK’s Big Brother, which makes CBS’ look like Tinkertoys

Jersey Shore star Mike Sorrentino, aka The Situation, placed fourth in the UK’s 10th season of Celebrity Big Brother, on which he was one of two non-English cast members along with former Bachelor star Lorenzo Borghese. Though he didn’t win, he’s popular enough to be going on tour there, according to his Gawker-ish official blog.

During his time in the house, he was involved in a love triangle with a lingerie model who had a boyfriend outside of the house; upon his exit, Mike said, according to The Sun, “I was drawn to her accent and the whole style. It makes me feel better that she did feel she crossed the line, but the eyes don’t lie, she probably did fancy me subliminally.”

On Friday’s finale, asked to sum up his experience in one sentence in front of the other housemates, Mike said, “There’s lots of ups, lots of downs, tons of breakups and lots of makeups. But at the end of the day, I love you guys, and we’re never going to forget this the rest of our life.” Poignant!

I don’t have the time or the means to easily watch international versions of reality shows, but I wish I did, especially after seeing clips from the celebrity edition’s final episode, which is below. Just look at that set, both the house and the studio, which seriously makes CBS’ version look like a diorama made out of Tinkertoys and construction paper. Add to it components like actual live voting and it’s amazing that this show is related to the runt that we have in the US.

Corrections and clarification: I edited the last paragraph to remove the reference to the UK’s version “spawn”ing CBS’ version. Both are, of course, based on the original Dutch version, and the UK version actually debuted after the American version. My comparison was meant to reflect their shared DNA (though again, of course, CBS diverged wildly in season two) and sometimes shared audiences (as some BBUS fans watch BBUK and vice-versa). Also, Bachelor star Lorenzo Borghese was also in the house, and he is not English, too. Apologies for the miscommunication and errors. Clearly, I should not write on the weekends.


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