I Love New York’s Rico, aka Sandro Padrone, is now doing porn

Not that there’s much difference between appearing on a VH1 dating show and doing porn, but I Love New York’s Rico is now doing porn as Marco Rivera, not to be confused with the Dallas Cowboy. The reality-turned-porn star’s real name is Sandro Padrone.

Following his previous appearance on Playboy’s Foursome, a reality show on which people have sex, he’s now appearing on a site called Straight Guys for Gay Eyes (here’s a video preview [WMV]), which says that in the scene, “He fucks his girl tirelessly with his huge cock until he lets loose an enormous load onto his 6-pack abs. You might recognize Marco from his star turn as ‘Rico’ on MTV’s I Love New York.” (The network is VH1, but I suppose people aren’t exactly going to that site for accurate information about reality shows.)

As The Sword points out, you may also recognize Sandro/Marco/Rico from another show: after appearing on VH1, he “went on Judge Joe Brown after stiffing his roommate on rent money.”

Now he’s stiffing for money. Rim shot! (Literally!)


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