Flavor of Love spin-off I Love New York’s preview isn’t as shocking as one might expect

The “this season on…” clip from Flavor of Love spin-off I Love New York has found its way to YouTube, and surprisingly, the spin-off show doesn’t look like the absolute train wreck that its predecessors were.

The guys, who box each other, dress in g-strings, threaten to beat each other up, and perhaps fight with a knife in the kitchen. But they seem a heck of a lot less crazy than the women competing for Flavor’s attention. And while New York stands on a table screaming at a guy, flips another one’s hat off his head, and yells a lot, she seems a lot more, um, normal than usual here. Perhaps there’s just too much New York.

There are some funny lines. Talking about the men, her mom says, “Some of them, they have, like, an undercover gay to them. You know, I can tell a gay person,” she says, and later asks one guy, “Who waxes your eyebrows?” Definitely a sixth sense she has there.

Here’s the preview that aired on VH1 Sunday: